I appreciate your visiting this website and hope that you find it informative and useful.  Finding the right psychologist can be a challenging endeavor, given the complexity of issues you may be confronting along with the difficulty in cultivating a positive working relationship with a psychologist you trust, feel comfortable with, and value.  


A Message from James Tobin, PhD.

It is my intention that this website provide you with a detailed knowledge of my background, training, therapeutic approach, and philosophy.  This introduction hopefully will give you a better sense of whether or not I may be a potential resource for you.     

My clinical psychotherapy practice consists of individual, couple, and family treatment as well as parent guidance support.  I treat adolescent and adult patients who present with a range of psychiatric issues (e.g., anxiety, depression), family problems (e.g., parent-teen conflict, child oppositionaity), relationship difficulties (e.g., unresolved marital conflict, social anxiety), and various types of distress (including disappointment, low self-esteem, indecision, and lack of personal or career fulfillment).  My training consisted of the completion of a 6-year doctoral program in clinical psychology (which balanced an understanding of the empirical research of psychopathology with application to clinical problems), which included practicum training in psychotherapy and advanced internship and postdoctoral placements.  My training centered on developmental models of psychological progression, with a focus on relational problems beginning in the family of origin and extending across one’s lifespan. I have been licensed and in professional practice since July, 2001.

The working alliance between patient and therapist is a primary focus in my work and one that I deeply value.  Addressing difficult problems or psychiatric symptoms can often be a difficult task and may be multi-layered.  Efforts toward self-acceptance and personal transformation require the mutual commitment of a therapist and patient collaborating in a process of understanding and discovery.  I approach my work with great respect for the vulnerability of the patient and conviction in what the process may reveal to both of us.  Thank you.



Individual, couple, and family treatment. Individual psychotherapy generally occurs on a weekly basis to address various forms of psychological distress and relationship problems. Couple therapy is offered to partners in newly-established relationships as well as those who have been…


The Men’s Group is for men of all ages who would like to explore the challenges of manhood and masculinity. Issues pertaining to career, dating and romantic relationships, fatherhood, health/stress management, divorce, substance abuse, and significant life transitions are addressed The Dating…


Before becoming a psychologist, Dr. Tobin worked in human resources management consulting, facilitating corporate change initiatives in Fortune 500 companies in the financial services, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries. His consulting projects focused on how group functioning…


Dr. Tobin provides clinical supervision in individual, couple, group and family therapy to clinicians at all levels of professional development. He formerly served as Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School and staff psychologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital. In these roles…

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