Executive Coaching and Organizational Consulting

Before becoming a psychologist, Dr. Tobin worked in human resources management consulting, facilitating corporate change initiatives in Fortune 500 companies in the financial services, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries.  His consulting projects focused on how group functioning and managerial styles affect team performance.  He also empirically assessed the unique qualities of high-performing executives and developed training modules based on close analysis of the attitudes and behavioral competencies demonstrated by these star performers.

Dr. Tobin has integrated this background with intensive training on the dynamics of human systems and the interpersonal factors responsible for obstructions to creativity, synergistic processes, and optimal performance in the workplace. He is especially interested in the ways in which culture impacts the quality of individual and team performance and the capacity for innovative solutions, in particular how the corporate work group may be culturally mandated to function in ways that are regressive and mimic the defensive processes of family-of-origin structures. Unresolved narcissistic needs and their association with managerial styles and tendencies is a key component of Dr. Tobin’s executive coaching approach.